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Clutch: Strange Cousins at the Prince (mp3)

Prince Bandroom, Melbourne

25 February 2010

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You know Clutch has a live show that can’t be stopped, hard rocking no-bullshit rock and roll. You know last time Clutch released a limited edition live album it sold out. Quickly. Do not be disappointed this time.

Clutch live at the Prince Bandroom in St Kilda riding on the crest of the Soundwave Festival. The boys from Clutch are performing their Strange Cousins from the West material as well as favourites from their back catalogue of punk rock grit. Just amps, microphones and the crowd. Clutch live at the Prince. Don’t miss it.

Release date: 2010
Album type: Digital (256kbps, LAME encoded, DRM-free)
Duration: 82.5 minutes
Album design by: Damian McGrath


Set List

01. Who's Been Talkin
02. Elephant Riders
03. Sleestak Lightning
04. Minotaur
05. Mice and Gods
06. Abe Lincoln
07. Burning Beard
08. Profits of Doom
09. Big News I
10. Big News II
11. Animal Farm
12. The Devil & Me.
13. Let A Poor Man Be
14. Child of the City
15. The Regulator
16. Struck Down
17. Pure Rock Fury
18. The Mob Goes Wild