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The On Fires - Betrayer (CD)

Recorded in Los Angeles

Released 2010

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Quick Overview

There's a lot of blood, sweat and tears in these songs. Literally.

There's the main story of love, desire, betrayal, heartbreak and revenge heard in the tracks Coming Home, Hotel Room, Arms Open (Legs Wide), Melancholy and Betrayer. The CD starts with the promise "I'll be with you till your dying breath" and ends with a murder ballad!

And there's a second storyline about pretty much the same things from a completely different perspective in tracks Precious Injury, Without, Skeleton. This is an album that will take you on a journey!

The On Fires are a wonderful synergy of musical styles that demand your ears attention; Betrayer is insightful, funny, punk-grunge anarchy. A well-rounded band growing into world fame, this album is ready for the international mainstream after touring on 3 different continents, this is pub style punk-rock at it’s best.

Julian Gorman (Colorado, USA)
Contributor to: Top ‘O The World, The Ute Pass Courier


This is roller coaster rock. The On Fires demonstrate versatility, variety, and a knack for writing incredibly hooky songs. While future releases from this group would benefit from honing particular strengths and shirking excess production, Betrayer truthfully embodies that old cliché in music reviews: no two songs sound alike. You’ll be riveted to your seat throughout the ride.

Kendra Atleework (Los Angeles)
Contributor to: KSPC Radio


The On Fires don’t just play rock & roll; they are rock & roll! They have the style, they have the sound, and most of all they have the attitude. Need proof? Then give their album Betrayer a spin.

Zack Daggy, The Mothpod


The On Fires have not only mastered creating music, but they have done it in the most brilliant, energetic, and creative way possible. The album Betrayer is full of unbridled talent, an extremely skilled sound, and 15 tracks that are all unique and lively in their own right. A masterful sound coupled with original harmonies and rhythms makes this album a must have for anyone who enjoys rocking out to some of the best music made in the recent past. Betrayer packs a punch that will leave you in awe of The On Fires and what they have accomplished with this album.

Rhonda Readence (Cleveland)
Contributes to: Exciting City Magazine


“Coming Home” kicks off Betrayer, an upbeat track that combines the feeling of punk rock with just a little bit of the off-kilter style of Devo, while “Hanging With The Living” feels like a nod to the sixties’ bands that were creating the straight-out rock of the time.

“Precious Injury” suggests a cross between The Motels and Duran Duran. The style here brings to mind these two bands before they were both “commercialized” by their respective record labels. The song sounds like it belongs on college radio back in the ‘eighties.

With the song “Melancholy,” the listener gets to experience, for the first time on this album, the beautiful voice of Maxine as she takes the lead on this track. The piano-driven tune, coupled with the strings on this track, brings to mind a song written in the style of Queen, while “Without” lets their modern-day influences shine through with the flavor of Coldplay and Stereophonics.

Matheson Kamin (Cleveland)
The Rock And Roll Report

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