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Weddings, Parties, Anything

Port Fairy Folk Festival

9 March 2008

2008-03-09 00:00:00

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Weddings Parties Anything what an iconic Australian band! How long since you went to see a band where you could dance and sing along with all their songs? Once upon a time in Australia we thought we would get to see bands like the Weddos any Saturday night but how wrong we were.

How long has it been between drinks or dances? How long since you had a night as good as this? The Weddos took to the main Stage at Port Fairy and the crowd went wild. Weddings Parties Anything were the only show to need the security staff on front of stage as the crowd cheered and sang along with every song, showering the band and stage with 10 cent coins as they sang ‘A Ticket in Tatts’.

As the gig rocked on the crowd grew and as other shows around the festival finished, other musicians started to steal backstage wanting to make sure they didn’t miss this iconic Aussie band perform at this iconic Australian Music Festival.

Were you there? A little sunburnt worn out from a boiling 39 degree day in Port Fairy? If you were, this will bring back great memories. If you weren’t you might have missed the feel of grass underfoot, the excitement of the crowd but don’t miss truly great Australian gig here at Liveband.

Set List

1. Wide Open Road
2. Knockbacks in Halifax
3. Ticket in Tatts
4. Away Away
5. Rosy and Grey
6. Grey Skies (Over Collingwood)
7. Brunswick
8. Rain in my heart
9. Fathers Day
10. I remember it well
11. Step in Step out
12. Sergeant Small
13. A Party in Fitzroy
14. Tale They Won’t Believe
15. Streets of Forbes
16. For a short time
17. The Boys are back in town